When hell is full, the dead will walk the earth.

The world ended on the 3rd of March 2011.

After that, the abbreviation A.I. took on an all new more sinister annotation, After Infection. Our story picks up six months to the day with the survivors of this dark rebirth in the terrorized city of Los Angeles, accosted from all sides by the smell of death and the dismembered corpses of their allies, a few brave souls still cling to life on the penthouse level of the Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens in the concrete jungle of downtown hell. The one who was their leader, a man named Frank, had guided them this far. Two nights ago Frank fell in the stairwell of the lower level’s while providing a distraction for the group. Now they sit, assaulted by the undead, without a leader, low on provisions, and trapped in a tower that was the center of attention in the old world, that’s not irony… that’s life.

Player Notes

[NWOD Human] Is the dynamic sheet we’ll use for character record’s in this chronicle, I’d like to have them online by Wednesday the 31st of August. We’ll begin play Saturday the 3rd at my place, starting at about 5 p.m. From there we’ll game intermittently when possible, or if we need a break from the norm. I will NOT game if less than three Actors are available to participate.

Zombie Apocalypse

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