Frank Irons

The former leader of a small band of survivors. R.I.P. 08/15/2011


Frankie boy, as he was known to his friends, was an old school rocker straight out of the early 70’s he spent his life playing in some of the darkest pits and smokiest bars in the country until one night he ducked out the back of a night spot in San Francisco a crackhead shook him down for his smokes and a little pocket change, then stabbed him eight times, once in the neck. After that Frankie boy, became just Frank. He never smoked again, he never played again, he never went anywhere without a pistol again. On “Z-day” as it’s come to be known that pistol saved his life when his ride-along from the water company tried to eat his face. He tore a sliver of skin from Franks cheek just below the eye, but Frank was able to put him down and then hold up in a 7-11 for a couple days. Frank doctored his face but it never fully healed. After Frank met up with the group he quickly took command, he knew where the best hotels were and which ones could be used as shelter with a little “modification” he led the group to the Kyoto Hotel and Gardens hoping to be able to outlast the walking dead, unfortunately he had no choice but to sacrifice himself to be sure the group could survive. Thanks Frankie Boy, Thanks.


He has not covered wars…

Frank Irons

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